Audemars Piguet, unique double complications, two tone dial, the only all original survivor of only 5 made in steel/pink, 1942, 36mm case

When it comes to vintage chronographs made by Audemars Piguet, the expression of rarity can be probably considered for each of the 307 chronographs produced by the watchmakers based in Le Brassus from 1930s to 1960s (overall production including moonphases, three compax, etc...)

BUT there is rare and then there is the epitome of rare as the much sought after reference 5503 with the moonphase and full calendar and chronograph. This reference was produced in only 5 pieces in combination of steel and pink gold case and this example is the only one that has survived in its complete originality. All these 5 timepieces do have the legendary 13VZAQ movement ticking in their cases. Only 20! were produced with this movement double complication (chronograph, full calendar with moonphase) so 16 in full gold cases and 4 in steel/pink gold cases (considering the one that was re-cased in yellow gold and belongs now to the Audemars museum).

The 5503 is certainly the epitome of vintage watch collecting. Not only that there are only 4 with steel/pink gold case, but the more, all of these 4 had a different dial design. Whereas N°46538 is the only one with blue tachymeter in Miles, combining the beautiful art déco style carré hour indexes and 2tone shade of the dial (which is made by two different ways of finissage for the main dial and sub dials). The two tone shade is very discreet and looks amazing on this watch. The more it is the only watch of these 4 that still retains a copy of the original fabrication sheet plus a note by Charles Jean Stern about the production of the dial for this watch, which says that the dial is completely gravé émaillé.

This timepiece is certainly an extraordinary addition for every high-class collector, it combines rarity, uniqueness, quality, complications, craftmanship, design, everything what every high-class collector is looking for.

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Urban Jürgensen reference 3. Set of very early platinum 004, pink gold 010 and yellow gold 015, NOS, never worn, box, certificat and booklet. Available as a set of the 3 watches or each single. Derek Pratt.

This is a rare opportunity for every high-class collector to own a set of very early, legendary Urban Jürgensen reference 3. All these three watches do come in NOS condition, never been worn with box, certificat and booklet. The combination of the early production numbers and the fact that these examples never spent time on a wrist is really breathtaking and a unique chance for every connoisseur of independent watchmaking. When these early serial numbers were produced, the great and much respected Derek Pratt was still involved at Urban Jürgensen.

In the 1990s, when the reference 3 was presented, Urban Jürgensen was guided by Peter Baumberger and together with the well known and much respected Derek Pratt they developed their collections. Derek Pratt was as well the one who developed the up/down mechanism on the reference 3 (image in the gallery of the mechanism). He had to integrate the up/down mechnism into the ultra thin (2.4mm) Piguet movement. To finish the guilloché dial, it takes more than 700 operations and 2 days of work. The tear drop lugs are soldered by hand to the case. The level of finissage on the Urban Jürgensen timepieces is really breathtaking.


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Patek Philippe 2584, 12-600AT movement, 36mm case, NOS. Only 2 known with black dial!

To find one of these reference 2584 in NOS condition is almost impossible and in combination with black dial it is a really rare timepiece. The reference 2584 is powered by the legendary 12-600AT movement and comes in a case of 36mm.


The present example is simply amazing. Only 2 yellow gold with black dial watches do exist and this is the only one in truly NOS condition, as you can see from the images. A spectacular watch and certainly a great addition for every high-class collector.  The dial is made by Cadran Stern with the complicated "épargne" technique, which means that first the base plate is gilted, then the signature, minuterie and small seconds are protected by a special lacquer, after that the dial is colored in a black galvanique bath. After the black color has dried, the protective lacquer is taken off. Later the hour baton indexes and the 12 o'clock indexes are added.

Such a dream timepiece for every high-class collector.

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Rolex 6265 black Big Red, NOS condition

Now a days it is hard to find these Daytonas in really perfect condition. This 6265 black dial Big Red certainly is one of these examples. Perfect dial, perfect case, comes with guarantee and leaflet. I love the 6265 steel bezel in this combination with the black Big Red dial, it really has some presence on the wrist. Would make a great set together with the other Rolex 6265 silver tropical sub dials.

A great addition for every high-class collector.

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Rolex 6542 Full Set


I am personally a big fan of the Rolex 6542 GMTs and they are rare to find in great condition and even rarer in combination as a Full Set. 

The present example is simply an amazing watch. It retains its original Bakelite in superb condition, nicely aged dial, strong case and original big logo bracelet. The more it retains as well the original guarantee, certificat de marche, original leaflet, correspondence between Rolex London and the client concerning a service made in 1987 (which service number can be found as well inside the caseback). These 6542's are rarely seen in such great condition in combination with all these original papers coming with it.

This 6542 is certainly a great addition for every high class collection.

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Rolex 6265 silver tropical sub dials, early example


I am personally a big fan of the early Daytona's with the simplicity dial design ROC signature. The present example is a 6265 with silver dial and nicely aged tropical sub dials from 1971. To find nowadays a Daytona in good condition is not that easy, especially when you are looking for an early tropical one.



When you are taking a look at the details, how nicely and different the sub dials has aged, that adds that little extra to the present example. The case remains in great condition, it comes with the correct MK2 pushers, correct bezel, correct 6262 caseback.

This Daytona would make a great daily beater and would be a cool addition together with the other Rolex 6265 black Big Red NOS.

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Patek Philippe 605HU with Certificat d'origine, box and user manual

This legendary Patek Philippe 605HU (heures universelles) is born in 1946 and sold in 1948, as confirmed by the extrait des archives from Patek Philippe. Not only that this example is in superb condition but the more it is the only one that still retains its original box, certificat d'origine and the original user manual in french (with a translation into english, as on the photo).

When you are taking a look at the case, you can see that it is preserved in perfect condition. Retaining a lovely oxidation, strong bezel and sharp case proportions overall, this is a good proof that it certainly spent most of its lifetime in a showcase or drawer. And then there is that superbly preserved dial, completely gravé & émaillé finished. These dials were very complicated to be made, as not only the "Patek Philippe & Co, Genève" signature is completely engraved by hand and then baked in a special oven with enamel, but as well all the 41 cities on the outer ring and the 24 hour indication. These type of dials were made by Cadran Stern and took enormous skills and pure craftsmenship.


The combination of the excellent condition of the watch and the fact that it is the only one that still retains all the original accessories, makes this example a great addition for every high class collector.

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Rolex 1675 "long E" Fuchsia

This is a nice example of a Rolex 1675 with the much sought after "long E" dial plus Fuchsia inlay. The watch is in great condition with a perfect dial and nice case proportions. It comes with the correct 1.6 million serial and signed 67 inside the caseback. The more it comes on a nice plied bracelet from 74.


This would be certainly a great addition for every GMT collector or every collector who is looking for a nicely preserved 1675 with some much sought after details.

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