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Brands from Home

Discover our craft, practiced by hand, from another time. One almost completely forgotten.

Watches and movements engraved, skeletonized and guilloché by hand form the base of our creation.

They show perfect functionality in individual handcrafted elegance.

Every Benzinger watch is hand-guilloché, hand-skeletonized and hand-engraved with the same tools as they used a hundred years ago!


All of the watches by Benzinger can be personalized with different engravings, skelets and guilloché.

Request your personal Benzinger timepiece

The gallery above shows you some different watches by Benzinger and what is possible to be made. Every watch can be personalized. Best is to contact me by the form below so that we can check together what type of watch you would like to buy.

Thank you, your message is received

We can create as well unique timepieces. As the following unique timepiece that I've designed for a client of mine. We used a vintage Patek Philippe pocket watch movement that was made for Tiffany & Co. We completely re-designed the movement and created an extraordinary unique watch for my client.

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