Rolex 6265, 1971, tropical sub dials


This is a very early Rolex Daytona from 1971 in great condition with beautiful natural aged tropical sub dials. To find these early Daytonas in such nice condition is getting harder and harder. The case of the present example is still very strong and has great proportions as one can see on the photos. It has as well the 6262 caseback, which is normal for early Daytonas, as Rolex always had been and still is a company that never threw away parts. The bracelet is a US bracelet from 1/75, correct MK2 pushers and crown. And then there is that super nice dial with its naturally aged tropical sub dials.


For me personally, this combination of the steel bezel, 6265 Daytona, silver dial and the tropical sub dials is one of the nicest combinations for a Daytona.

This is a really lovely and great looking 6265 and certainly a great addition for every high class collector.

Rolex 1680 Red Sub MK5. Plus Rolex Service Card from 2017


The legendary Rolex Red Submariners are getting more and more sought after and become harder to find in great and honest condition. The following example is a correct MK5 with 3.08 serial number dated from 1972. The watch is in great condition with a very strong case, as you can see on the photos, a nice 7835 bracelet and the correct 380 end-links. The dial has nicely aged over the past decades and shows a sublime even patina. The more it is accompanied by a Rolex Service Card from 2017.

This is certainly a great example of a Red Submariner and would be a great addition for every distinguished collector.

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Rolex 6238 Black Dial