Patek Philippe unique Chronometro Gondolo


This is a unique Patek Philippe Chronometro Gondolo made in 1912. It is the only Chronometro Gondolo with central seconds and carré cambré case. The case has this beautiful art déco charme and is in great condition. The dial, a real feast to the eyes, completely gravé émail finished and the more it has a very special and extraordinary signature at 6 o'clock.

The signature says - T SWISS T - which is confirmed by Roland Tile as to be made by Maurice Thiévent. Maurice Thiévent was the master engraver at Cadran Stern back at that time and the person who teached Mr. Henri Stern this craftsmenship. Roland Tile worked as well for decades for Cadran Stern under the legendary master engraver Thiévent.

This watch is certainly historical important, because due to the fact that Mr. Henri Stern apprenticed this craftsmenship under Maurice Thiévent, we do have these beautifully hand made dials on these legendary vintage Patek Philippe timepieces today.

For every high class collector this should be a serious trophy to add to the collection.

Patek Philippe 570 pink on pink two tone, 1942


These legendary Patek Philippe 570s are the definition of a timeless and beautiful dress watch and they get more and more sought after. This beautiful example, confirmed by the extract from the archives, cased in pink gold with a stricking two tone pink gold dial is certainly a watch that enjoyed some time on the wrist, but the case is still very strong as one can see by taking a look at the hallmark and the lugs. The two tone dial has aged so beautifully with taking on a very nice patina which turns the dial in a very strong and deep red color or a brighter pink shade, depending on how the light falls into the dial. The signature, minuterie and small seconds are completely gravé & émaillé and it looks as if the dial was never restored!

This is certainly a superb watch to put on your wrist to wear it and enjoy it. It is a very rare to find combination and certainly a great addition for every collector.

Patek Philippe 3700/1 from 1979 with tropical dial


These legendary Patek Philippe 3700/1 Nautilus watches were released in 1976, four years after the release of the legendary Audemars Piguet 5402ST A Series, and were as well designed by Gerarld Genta. The present example comes in its all original state, superb condition and that beautifully aged tropical dial. These 3700s are getting more and more sought after and to find a good one, in good condition and all original is getting harder and harder.

Made in 1979 and sold in 1981, as confirmed by the Extract, it is still in great shape, with a super strong case and the bracelet still very firm. The more, that lovely tropical dial adds so much character to this watch.

The present example is certainly a great addition for every high class collector as it combines everything one is looking for, superb condition, all original and the tropical dial.

Patek Philippe 600P, diamond set hour indexes and original etui


This superb Patek Philippe 600P with diamond set hour indexes and its original etui is certainly a great and rare find. Only rarely seen in combination of platinum case and diamond set hour indexes and still retaining its original etui.

The more, both, the case and dial are in exceptional condition. The case, probably never polished, sharp as it left the atelier in 1949. The dial, a feast for the eyes. Perfectly preserved with its gravé & émaillé signature and small seconds. The perlage for the minuterie is absolutely stunning and shines like the diamond hour indexes, depending on how the light falls onto the perlage.

This timepiece is certainly a great addition for every gentlemen collector as it is in perfect condition and represents pure elegance.

Patek Philippe 3429G with its original etui


The legendary Patek Philippe 3429 in white gold is a very rare timepiece to find. The present example is only the 16th in white gold to appear on the market and it comes in great condition with strong case proportions, strong hallmark at 4 o'clock on the case side, the original double P crown, 35mm. And then there is that lovely preserved dial, gravé main et émaillé signature, small seconds and minuterie, with the white gold indexes starting to take a nice oxidation. The dial is preserved in excellent condition. The more it features the automatic calibre 27-460 which is an evolution of the legendary 12-600 movement which can be found for example in the Patek reference 2526. As this example is made in 1962, this is the earliest known to the market at the moment (production ran from 1962 - 1969).

As well it comes with an original Patek Philippe etui and outer packaging. Overall, this is a very rare to find Patek 3429 reference preserved in excellent condition which should be a great addition for every distinguished gentlemen collector who is looking for a sublime vintage dress watch.

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