When I close my eyes I can still see him in front

of me: the master watchmaker who was my instructor.

His loupe, hands, and lab coat remain

vivid memories for me today. I spent my apprenticeship

years in his wonderful workshop

as a clock and watch repairer, learning how

to restore new and old masterpieces. Among

this magnificent blend of art and technology,

combining craftsmanship and intellect, I soon

developed the ambition to create such masterpieces



The Haldimann family tradition reaches back to

1642. The original Haldimann creations of this

era continue to give pleasure to customers all

over the world. We look forward to welcoming

you personally and answering any queries at

our workshop

All the timepieces by Haldimann and entirely developed

and made by hand at the atelier! There is no CNC

machine to find at the atelier of Beat Haldimann, nor another

computariced machine. These watches are build by true

watchmaker which do put an enormous amount of

craftsmenship in each timepiece!

The Haldimann H2 Double Flying Tourbillon Résonance Remontoir is entirely developed and made by hand in the atelier of Haldimann. Which is actually a central flying tourbillon with two escapements running in résonance plus it has a remontoir mounted on one escapement wheel.
The double flying Tourbillon Résonance Remontoir is hovering over the dial, which gives it a superb 3D effect.
The indexes of the frosted gilt finished dial are all gravé main and then filled with lacquer.
The hands, so thin and elegant, made by hand, do add a significant part to the appearance
The depth of this extraordinary and breathtaking one minute Tourbillon add a sublime 3D effect to this timepiece.
The Remontoir is added to one of the two escapement wheels. On this photos at 8 o'clock.
Here you can see the Remontoir more clearly mounted on the escapement wheel, at 2 o'clock.
The whole presence of this extraordinary timepiece is really breathtaking. It beats at 18000 bph.
The elegance of the hand-made, concave, platinum case is unbeatable. Here again, you can see the depth of the Tourbillon.
And from the backside it looks very simple, so that all the focus can be up front on the dial side.
The Haldimann H1 Central Flying Tourbillon is the watch with that everything has started for Beat Haldimann.
Here again, same as for the H2, the depth of the central flying Tourbillon adds the extraordinary effect to this timepiece.
For example, the Tourbillon case takes more then 10 days only for the polissage mirroir! The grainée finished dial with its gravé main indexes ginves it an elegant appearance.
The concave platinum case, made by hand. The effect of the central Flying Tourbillon is really breathtaking.
The entire watch is developed and made by hand at the atelier of Beat Haldimann.
The case, the dial, the movment construction, the Flying Tourbillon, a really extraordinary timepiece created by true craftsmenship.
And from the back as well kept very clean with its frosted gilt finished main plate. The central barillet is to drive the dial train.
The Haldimann H12 central balance looks quite simple from the dial side, but is far away from being simple.
The elegance of the frosted gilt finished dial, gravé main indexes and hand made hands is unbeatable.
Here you can see the gravé main signature and indexes which are filled then with Lacquer. The elegance of the hands is really amazing.
With view to the small seconds at 4 o'clock. A version, the H11, without small seconds is available as well.
With some sun enlightened the dial with an sublime effect of the frosted gilt finish.
View to the inside of the bezel.
The handmade concave platinum case is art by itself.
Turning the watch around, you will discover this amazingly frosted gilt finished movement with its central balance, entirely developed and made by hand!
Another view to this superb movement which beat at 18000bph.
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The Haldimann H12 central balance looks quite simple from the dial side, but is far away from being simple.